We need a change

We need a change. Not the change of the government, but a change in the society. A change in our mindset, a change in our attitude and a change in our priorities. The world predictions claims China and India are going to be the next superpowers in the world. Here we need a new consensus to define the meaning of the word “Superpower” and to decide on what kind of superpower we should be.

In all probabilities we can be a super intellectual power of the world if we can tide up ourselves and bring discipline in everything we do. Also we should strictly avoid wasting our precious time and divert attention to silly shutdown strikes like the solar scam and the political habit of undoing whatever the previous government did or blindly oppose all developmental plans the ruling party propose. This can only bring anarchy and no confidence to the government employees who are suppose to implement all these plans. It can only delay national growth and benefits to citizens.   

Another major step to tide up our system is to elect good, qualified representatives to parliament, assembly and panchayths. An incredible 30% of parliamentarians have some sort of criminal charges against them. They've managed to hold onto power because of a major loophole in the law and remain in office if they simply appealed a conviction within three months of receiving a guilty verdict. This new Supreme Court order means that anyone convicted from now onwards loses their seat immediately - making this a monumental step towards cleaning up the criminalization of politics. 

Looking at the shameful disruptions of Parliament and Assembly sessions on TV, it's clear that elected representatives love to debate and disagree. But when it comes to saving their skin, they are all united. An all-party meeting was called and all political parties have agreed to challenge the Supreme Court judgment. They are even considering a law that allows them to appoint judges of their choice, recklessly threatening our democracy even further. 

The political plans to keep the crooks are starting to be made public. So let's blindside them now by casting our votes sensibly in the forth coming elections. We must start a massive movement of support for the independence and activism of the Supreme Court -- one of India’s finest institutions -- and need to be vocal to silence the Attorney General and Politicians who act against the national growth.

Development and sustainable national growth should be our aim and motto.

Ram Kamal
Editor in Chief  

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