For a Comfortable Ride Maruthi Gypsy Diesel

The current Maruti Gypsy is the best off-road 4x4 vehicle in the country. How­ever, there are too many shortcomings in the car to make it a good private buy â€\" the engine is peppy but being petrol, very expensive to run. The suspension is best suited for off-road use and hence a pain in daily usage. There is op­tion to go for an air-con, power steering or even power windows. The Gypsy hence is a basic and crude buy in front of other diesel powered MUVs/SUVs in India. There has always been a huge demand for a diesel ver­sion and Maruti finally used the Fiat derived engine in this light-weight MUV to increase its appeal among the masses.

Maruti could very well use the 75PS version 1.3-litre DDiS engine that currently powers the Swift and the Ritz. This engine is good on power and also has enough torque to get the Gypsy out of tricky situations when off the road. However, the biggest plus point is the low run­ning costs. For example, with the diesel Gypsy, one can easily expect around 14kmpl in city usage, which can help an owner save Rs 90,000 in a year for 2,000km monthly usage! Apart from the engine change there is softer suspension for better comfort, optional power-steering, air-con and power windows, better looking and better feel interior â€\" the design lines and plastic usage and slight changes to the exterior could also help.

All these changes will easily make the Gypsy more ap­pealing to the masses. Youngsters want such a vehicle and there is a huge market for such a vehicle. Maruti should launch the diesel Gypsy next year. Prices could start at around Rs 6.25 lakh, going all the way to Rs 7.25 lakh for the top end model with air-con, power-steering, power-windows etc.

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