Justice VR Krishna Iyer lauded the success of Shri Narendra Modi

Former Judge of the Honourable Supreme Court of India Justice VR Krishna Iyer has hailed Shri Narendra Modi’s appointment as the Prime Ministerial candidate for the BJP in the coming Lok Sabha elections.


On the occasion of Shri Modi’s birthday on 17th September 2013 Justice Krishna Iyer wrote a letter to Shri Modi where he stated even though he is a apolitical person, Shri Modi’s recent appointment is a matter of great joy. Justice Iyer opined the Shri Modi has positive qualities of nationalism and the comity of cosmic dimension. Justice Iyer lauded the success of Shri Modi in developing solar power in Gujarat and stated that no other state has harnessed solar power in the manner in which Gujarat has.


Justice Iyer also praised Shri Modi for upholding the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and the Constitution of India against the menace of alcoholism. He noted that corruption has been eradicated in Gujarat and he wrote the Shri Modi must be praised for this.


In his letter, Justice Krishna Iyer expressed faith that Shri Modi would eradicate poverty and implement the principles of Swaraj. He went on to write that he is a socialist and he is supporting Shri Modi because he assumes Shri Modi is a socialist and an advocate of human rights and Indian fraternity, justice, social, economic and political of the Gandhian ethos.

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