Amma's motherly affection, a wonder!

Swami Amritaswaroopananda (Vice Chairman, Mata Amritanandamayi Math)

I consider being with and travelling around the globe with Amma as a blessing acquired through many births. During such journeys, we meet different people from different races, with different colours and speaking different languages. All of them have one common question to ask me- What prompts Amma to provide the numerous social services that she is offering to people?

Mata Amritanada Mayi Devi, who has been a helping hand to thousands for more than four decades, has only one emotion when dealing with people from different strata of the society- equanimity. This has helped her to deal with a variety of people under a variety of situations and has helped her to deal with everyone in the same manner. 

The spirituality that Amma teaches preaches equal importance for physical and spiritual needs . " There is no meaning in preaching philosophy to a person who is hungry. First you have to feed him. After that you should talk about spirituality, " she says. 

Amma has set herself as an example to what she preaches. Otherwise, how would it be possible for her to listen to thousands of people's pleas throughout the day with the same passion and interest?

Amma says that kindness is the remedy to all worldly problems. All initiatives by Amma including rehabilitation of tsunami-hit people, renovation of villages in Bhuj or the takeover of orphanages in Parippally, reflect kindness and care that she professes in her sayings. 

Amma says, "Generosity and kindness is most important. If you have it, other qualities will come to you." 

What makes Amma different from others? It is her sincerity to her karma. Amma teaches you to mould your mentality. For Amma, everybody carries a spiritual flame that is part of the supreme consciousness. Therefore everyone has the potential to grow spiritually and materially. What Amma does is waking it up by touching it with loving kindness. 


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