An Ambassador of Ayurveda
Dr. S. Sajikumar Managing Director Dhathri Ayurveda (P) Ltd

When everybody was preaching the importance of Ayurveda, He was busy putting into practice what he learned from Ayurveda. He bottled the knowledge he gained from ancestors, manuscripts and researches and blended with love and care to served to the larger population with the brand name of ‘Dhathri’.

Yes we are talking about Dr. S. Sajikumar, Chairman & Managing Director, Dhathri group, leading Ayurvedic drug manufacture Company in the beauty care product market.

“I had a different idea in my mind after finishing my studies from Thiruvanathapuram Ayurveda College. I began my clinical practice with a research attitude, unlike following a conventional approach, I decided to combine the knowledge what I comprehended from the text books and traditional methods.” Says S. Sajikumar, who is a Ayurveda practitioner by profession.

Ten years after he ventured out with Dhathri Hair oil offering complete solution for hair loss and dandruff, the Dhathri group has now achieved tremendous growth and became a house hold name when it comes to ayurveda herbal products for beauty care.

“When I started practicing more than a decade ago at my hospital, so many patients were coming with skin diseases and hair loss com­plaints. I could realize that these two problems were inter related. I used to recommend the medicines we have long been using for these kinds of diseases and it was effective also” he says while revealing the birth of his brain child Dhathri.

As the patients and demand increased day by day, Dr Sajikumar toyed with the idea of com­mercially launching the medicine as a branded product to serve the need of larger population who were suffering with skin and hair problems. Thus the brand called DHATHRI was born in 2003. First product from Dhathri was Hair Care Herbal. Its instant success and huge acceptance spurred the Dhathri group to produce more herbal beauty care products such as Skin care oil, hair care cream, herbal shampoo etc.

Today, Dhathri has 23 successful products, ranging from hair care to skin care to body care. True to the name Dhathri, all the products are made from the highest-quality herbs to exactly and prescribed as in the manuscripts, reveals Mr Sajikumar.

Dhathri group also extended their opera­tions by opening ABS clinics, which stands for Ayurveda, Beauty and Slimming. ABS clinics are viewed as a new initiative to treating lifestyle diseases, which is growing at an alarming pace by following curative principles of Ayurveda.

Patients and followers of Ayurveda will get a chance to experience the curative and therapeutic power of Ayurveda from these clinics. .

The first of this kind was opened at Thiruvanan­thapuram in 2008 and the second ABS clinic was opened at Kochi in the same year. Dhathri group started their third centre at Kottayam in the next year.

Apart from the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) products, Dhathri is also manufacturing classi­cal Ayurveda products like kashayam, lehyam and these are widely prescribed by the Ayurvedic practitioners.

After making grand success with the herbal beauty and health care products, Dhathri group is about to ex­tend their areas Ayurveda education and promotion.

Aiming to tap all the possibilities of Ayurveda by imparting it’s significance and effectiveness among the larger community in the country as well as in abroad, Dhathri group is plan­ning to open an Ayurveda academy to give awareness to the emerging doctors and phar­macists about Ayurveda.

“we are going to start Dhatri academy in Kochi. It will be like a finishing school to give training and courage to the doctors for practicing Ayurveda with higher confidence. Doctors should be the first and foremost ambassadors of Ayurveda, they have to make these tradition popular among the people. We are committed infuse a faith and belief in the people about this system of treatment”, added Dr Sajikumar.

Dhathri group hopes to make our state a global destination for Ayurveda treatment by setting uo this academy. The group has also got plans to incorporate yoga in the next level.

“I personally believe that we must help oth­ers improve themselves simultaneously with us. There is a common belief that Ayurveda imposes strict rules and discipline for the patients. But it’s a wrong notion. Ayurveda is a discipline, if we make it as our lifestyle it would not be feeling like a strenuous thing to practice.”, says Dr Sajiku­mar.

Being a great ambassador of Ayurveda and a leading entrepre­neur in the state, Dr Sajikumar received so many recognitions from government and other agencies. State Government honoured him with Yuva Prathibha award for the best doctor. He is also the recipient of best entrepreneur award insti­tuted by State Government.

Dr Sajikumar, winner of Chikitsa Ratna Award for excellence in Ayurvedic curative services is stressing the need of research and development in Ayurveda.

“Like in all other systems of medicines, In Ayurveda also research and development has an important role. We have to apply modern technologies and timely changes must be adopted.”

As the name Dhathri-which means Earth in Sanskrit- the group is working towards spreading the message of virtue and enhance the quality of human life through sticking close to nature and tradition in delivering the products.

As a true naturalist, Doctor strongly advo­cates for the preservation of natural plants and herbals. He is against the excess exploitation of herbs and medicinal plants for business.

“We all are committed to protect our nature and its resources for coming generations, so we must maintain a controlled approach while exploiting the natural resources. It should be according to the demand of the products” he adds.

Through the programmes like War Against Diabe­tes (WAD) -An initiative to spread awareness about Diabetes cross Kerala and Gramodayam \" “Health for all \" Ayurveda for all” \" an initiative to ensure health and economic empowerment of rural population across Kerala, Dhathri group is reflecting their dedication and social commitment.

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