China to present 6 films in the film package section of the 19th International Film Festival of Kerala, which is scheduled to be held from Dec 12 - 19, 2014  at Trivandrum, the Capital city of Kerala- God’s Own Country. All the films released this year to portray an array of stories depicting real life relationships, tyrannies and revolts. 

 ‘ATA’, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘to heal the pain’ is a suspense thriller by Chakme Rinpoche, says the story of spiritualism and vision to see beyond the visible, technically set with the usage of an exquisitely minimalist sound track suggesting the sensational world of the blind. 

 ATA tells the story of a single mother who works as a truck driver to raise her blind son Tiangu, and hopes for him to compete in ‘ping pong’ championship for visually impaired people. But Tiangu with a different outset of mind leaves home to search for the meaning of his life. The director holding a strong belief to propagate the ideas of Lord Buddha in his first film has made a remarkable performance in the Mumbai Film Festival.

 The film to win the box office hit ‘The Continent’ by Han Han, makes a marvelous depiction of beauty and adventure. The writer director of The Continent tells the story of three youngsters who leaves their native to explore their own country.

 ‘The Golden Era’ by the famous director Ann Hui, says the story of the short lived ‘Republican Era’ in China. This film has been recognized to receive the award for the best director in the Golden Horse film Festival. The fascinating and intriguing journey of the film which has puzzled the film lovers has already been screened in nine of the international Film Festivals.

 ‘Nezha’ , a legendary character, who is known to slay the son of dragon king commits suicide to avoid retaliation against his family. Inspired by the life of the valiant character, director Li Xiaofeng makes his first entry to the film industry with the film ‘Nezha’.

 Red Amnesia tells the story of a widow who confronts a situation where she cannot differentiate it as a reality or just a dillusion. Captured from his memories, director Wang Xiaoshuai has made a realistic depiction of ordinary lives. The veteran actress LV Zhong has made a remarkable performance handling her role as the widow.

 Inspired from the life of his uncle director Zhang Meng makes an exceptional film ‘Uncle Victory’ which tells the story of a man, the protagonist return from an imprisonment of 10 years, who cannot recognize the new world which he witnesses now. He re opens a kindergarten and gets into a relationship with a tough young women, Sun Xiaoman. The   ‘Uncle Victory’ was subjected to unusual forms of censorship; it was awarded the grand jury award.  

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