IFFK 2014: 5 films to embellish jury session

The 19th edition of IFFK, which is scheduled to be held at Capital city of Kerala- God’s Own Country has five films in the jury films session. Three films of the jury chairman Xei Fei will be screened. Films of Sumithra Bhave and Resis Celik the two other jury members will also be screened in this category.

Oil maker’s family, Black snow, A girl from Hunan, directed by Xei Fei; Vasthupurush; the movie directed by Sumithra Bhave along with Sunil sudhakar, Night of silence directed by Resis Celik are the movies included in the jury session.

‘Oil Makers Family’ was released in the year of 1993; it bagged the Golden Berlin Bear award in the same award. The movie portrays the life of a woman who had undergone through adverse situations in her life. If money can’t buy happiness, cant it at least but control over others. The unexpected money came to her make her obstinate and she wanted all others in her family to bend at her will. When she realize it will not happen she finds other ways for tranquility.

‘Black snow’ is another remarkable Xie Fei film released in 1990 .the movie got the Berlin silver bear award in the 40th Berlin Film festival. The film captures the social impact of political change in china at the time, through a semi-literate who was deprived from school during the Cultural Revolution. The lurking hand held camera adds a real life effect to the movie.

‘The girl from Hunan ‘another master piece by Xie Fei, released in 1986 always stood unique for its unnatural story line. It is the story of a willful twelve year old Xiao Xiao who enters in to an arranged marriage with a two year old child. Left by her uncle in a remote village, Xiao Xiao is expected to be less of a wife than a mother to her husband.

Vasthupurush is the story of one illiterate woman’s determination to ensure that her son breaks away from the degenerate feudal background of his once affluent family and becomes a doctor to help the poor and needy.

‘Night of Silence’ a film by Reis Celik , tells the story of a young bride(Dilan Aksut) having just entered puberty had been forced to marry with groom(Ilyas Salman) whom returned to his home town after doing many years in prison and fifty years elder than her. She was afraid and did not know what is going to happen. Sitting in the nuptial chamber with horror, she will start to face with realities after grandfather- aged groom steps in to the room.

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