The Conscious Kingpin
Dr. Siddeek Ahmed, Chairman & Managing Director of Eram Group

From Science to Society- 

Dr.Siddeek as a Philanthropist

A peregrinating business icon heading diversified business enterprises around the globe, Dr. Siddeek Ahmed does not like to confine him to business deeds, and is vehement about his social commitments. Even while steering one of the largest conglomerates which encompasses over 40 entities, Dr.Ahmed is keen to splurge his fortune for social and environmental causes to make the earth a better place to live on.  Despite his hectic routine, he finds time to nurture his passion for sports and culture.


Dr. Ahmed hails from Kerala, and has an experience of more than two decades in business. He started Eram Group in the mid 80s. He has since transmogrified it into a well entrenched global conglomerate which employs around 9000 professionals.  Dr. Ahmed credits his success to the hard work of these enviable professional talents. “I look after my family, employees and society, and they look after my company, and that in turn adds to our success” says Dr. Ahmed.

Today, Eram Group is a pivoted business enterprise, an entity which controls an omnium gatherum  of leading business such as construction and technical services, trading and supplies, logistics and support services, travel and tourism, media and advertising, IT solutions and electronics, consultancy and corporate services, automotive, manufacturing, R&D, health care etc.

With operations predominantly in the Middle East, Eram Group has presence in numerous countries across the GCC, Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States.

Eram Skills Academy

Eram Skills Academy is a new venture of Eram Group in association with KASE as a part of Naipunyam 2014, (An international Skill summit by Government of Kerala) to implement National Skills Development Program with a vision to train and develop the human resource of India to meet the ever increasing demand for skilled labour and thoroughly wipe out unemployment in the country. Kerala State Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE) is a company fully owned by the Government of Kerala. It is a non-profit organization with the main objective of facilitating mass human resource development through specialized skill development courses across the state.

 Eram’s training is designed to   enable trainees with   up-to-date skills to work in today’s modern, diversified industries across the world especially, in the Oil& Gas, Rig Power Plant and Petrochemical industries.


Eram is committed to continuously improving their training standards and practices through cooperation with industrial experts in addition to achieving the standards set by acclaimed international accreditation bodies. The mission of the programme is to design and deliver the best quality training to meet the changing and growing needs of the employers.

The programme comprises of training for Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Engineers/QA/QC Inspectors.

Eram’s skill development venture has recently opened a skill development centre at Angamali, Cochin, Kerala.  Its aim is to provide skill development in oil, gas and rig operating, the first and only one of its kinds in India.


E-toilet  India’s First Electronic Toilet

 A modern, self sufficient urban sanitation system for clean cities was one among the top ten visions that late Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam nurtured. Eram Group embraced the challenge and developed an urban sanitation infrastructure named ‘e-toilet’, an automated, eco-friendly, and hygienically maintained modern toilet.

Dr. Kalam himself appreciated the effort of Eram’s research and development team. Taking his advice to him during a meeting in USA, Dr. Ahmed spearheaded the development of affordable e-toilets for schools with a cost of less than one lakh INR. The initial edition of the e-toilet was expensive, costing 6 lakh INR for the installation of a single unit. The research and development team of Eram eventually succeeded in nullifying the cost, and one unit of electronic toilet now costs less than one lakh rupees, which makes it feasible for schools, colleges and local governing bodies.

E-toilet is a completely automatic sanitation unit based on Italian technology for waste management. Eram, in connection with Swatch Bharath mission recently delivered around 500toilets in Andhra Pradesh alone, and has by now deployed more than 1200 eToilets across the nation.

E-Toilet incorporates a full cycle approach in sustainable sanitation by integrating the convergence of electronics, mechanical, web-mobile technologies thereby controlling entry, usage, cleaning, exit, and remote monitoring capabilities with multiple revenue options.

The insertion of a coin opens the door of the E-Toilet for the user and switches on a light—thus saving energy—and even directs the person with audio commands. The toilets are programmed to flush 1.5 litres of water after 3 minutes of usage or 4.5 litters if usage is longer. It can also be programmed to clean the platform with a complete wash down after every 5 or 10 persons who use the toilet.

Navodaya chartered flight for victims of Nitaqat

Ever sensitive to the struggles of Indian expatriates in the Middle East, Dr. Siddeek Ahmed has played an instrumental role in the joint initiative by Navodaya Cultural Centre, Dammam (Saudi Arabia) to arrange a chartered flight from Dammam to the Nedumbassery airport in Kerala, India. More than 100 flight tickets were distributed in October, 2013 to victims of Nitaqat. Nitaqat is the new labour law in Saudi Arabia due to which many faced severe employment and visa complications. At a time when even the government failed to come to their support, this initiative came as a huge breath of relief to the many victims.

‘Swapnasafalyam’: Hope for the helpless

For numerous Malayali expatriates who are spending jail time in the gulf with no legal or financial support, the ‘Swapnasafalyam’ project is a ray of hope. This is an initiative by NORKA, the Non Resident Keralites Affairs Department set up by the Kerala State Government to help those who have been jailed in various gulf countries for reasons beyond their control, and are unable to return home even after serving their time in prison. Under the leadership of Dr. Siddeek Ahmed, ITL World is extending its support to this much needed initiative by sponsoring the tickets for their return home. Many have already been happily reunited with their families through this project.

Lending a helping hand

13 year old Anish from Kerala lost his right hand in a bus accident on his way home from school. Anish, who was an active football player and captain of the regional football team, was no longer able to play as he used to. His family could not afford expensive treatment and Anish had to learn to cope with the loss of his dominant hand. Today, he has an artificial, battery operated hand from healthcare company - Ottobock with the support of Eram Group Chairman, Dr. Siddeek Ahmed.Anish’s story is one out of many such incidents. An ardent philanthropist, Dr. Ahmed has consistently used his success to support numerous such families in need.  

Encouraging young athletes: Towards a level playing field

 A passionate sports lover, Dr. Siddeek Ahmed has been consistent in recognizing young talent from his country, and encouraging them with the support they need to compete on a level playing field. When athletes P U Chithra and Mohammed Afsal from Palakkad district (Kerala, India) won gold at the National Schools Games, Dr. Ahmed was elated to offer sports kits consisting of international quality to the young champions as well as 36 others who qualified in the games. Since then, the young athletes have already validated his faith in their potential by going on to win many more medals at national and international arenas.

Diljith T S, the motor racing and carting champion from India is another young talent whom Dr. Ahmed has keenly supported. With several wins under his belt already, Diljith is known to dominate the race tracks he competes on and seals championship titles at almost every race.

Homes for the homeless

Among other community service activities, Dr. Ahmed has also had over 50 houses constructed to offer shelter to homeless families. Another 25 houses are currently under construction. Each house is constructed with an area of no less than 600-1000 square feet to ensure that they provide comfortable, feasible and lasting shelters rather than perishable quick-fixes.

Enabling complete and sustainable drinking water solutions

 In addition to constructing homes for the poor, many areas of Palakkad district have also been provided complete drinking water solutions. This includes not just the provision of a water source, but an end-to-end system which includes drilling bore wells and building tanks to the necessary plumbing to make clean, drinking water available to each house in the locality. Special teams have been delegated for the effective execution of these projects.

Health and Sanitation: Solutions for the present and the future

One of the key social concerns of Eram Group is public sanitation. Lack of proper sanitation facilities causes dire health concerns including severe kidney diseases for an alarming number of people in India. Women especially suffer the worst, and countless children die every day due to unhygienic conditions.

Concerned by this alarming trend, Dr. Ahmed initiated a Dialysis Project under which dialysis machines and medical aid have been provided for the benefit of numerous patients who suffer from severe kidney diseases.

However, the effort does not stop there. The R & D wing of Eram Group developed an award-winning product called the eToilet to prevent this issue in the future. Today, these self-sustainable, self-cleaning eToilets have been installed in various public spaces across India. These eToilets require little to no maintenance and can be used by the public for free or for the cost of just one rupee. This is a huge step taken towards achieving the vision for a better future free of problems caused by improper sanitation.

A vision to improve lives

 In association with Lions Club International, Eram Group has organized 30 medical camps across the Ottappaalam and Kongand legislative constituencies as well as tribal areas like Nelliyampathi in Palakkad district, Kerala. This project has seen the completion of 4000 cataract surgeries across 30 Panchayats in 4 years. In addition to this, Eram Group has also sponsored ambulances to many NGOs and Panchayats in and around Palakkad to attend immediately to medical emergencies.



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