Constitution is a vigorous tool: Padma Shri Madhava Menon

Stressing the fact that the Indian Constitution is a dynamic tool that builds the conscience of this nation, Padma Shri Prof (Dr) N.R Madhava Menon talked about how the legal framework of India sustains the concept of ‘unity in diversity’.

“The Constitution of India is not just a legal document, but a socio- political manifesto of 1.27 billion humans,” said the Padma winner.

The legal educator was speaking on ‘Idea of India: Constitutional Perspective’ at the 25th Executive lecture of HLL Management Academy’s (HMA) Think Tank series held every month at HLL Corporate R&D Centre at Akkulam.

“The Constitution is more than a tool for dispute settlement; it is a document which incorporates all knowledge systems and analyses for safeguarding a peaceful coexistence in diversity. The law is an instrument for social engineering to facilitate maximum justice in society," said Mr. Menon.

Delving on the topics of minority rights, religious freedom, and fundamental duties in the constitution, he explained why the Indian constitution was obliged to provide special reservations for marginalized communities. “Considering the centuries old exploitation and oppression of marginalized and minority communities, the architects of the Constitution provided special provisions for these communities to come up in the social ladder, but with a timeframe,” said the pioneer Indian legal educator, who was honored with ‘living legend of law’ award by the International Bar Association in the year 1994.

“While upholding the Indian constitution as very liberal, he said that one cannot conceive the idea of India outside the Constitution. Constitution provides equal opportunities for all irrespective of caste; race sex and religion. Our country is characterized by enormous diversity, multitude of languages and religions.  "We need to respect and preserve this essential unity, this “Indianess”, he added.

“HLL’s monthly Think Tank programme is designed to provide maximum exposure to HLL employees on different aspects of life," said Dr. Ayyappan, CMD, HLL.

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