Cell rule of Catholic Church and Communist parties can be replicated in business too: Jose Dominic, CGH Earth MD
Mr. Jose Dominic, MD of CGH Earth Hotels a receiving a memento from Mr. Dilip Narayanan, CEO, Organic BPS on the occasion of the MIMAMSA lecture series organized by leading brand consulting company Organic BPS at Kochi

The implementation of the cell rule practiced by the Catholic Church and the communist parties in the company is one of the reasons behind the success of CGH Earth, an internationally acclaimed hospitality firm, said Jose Dominic, Managing Director, CGH Earth. He was speaking in the Brandstorm Lecture Series organized by leading brand consulting company, Organic BPS.

“CGH Earth presently has 18 properties of various sizes. Each one of the hotels and resorts has its own cells apart from the management. The cell members are those who are passionate about their job and the company. The members of the cells include even gardeners. They come up with various suggestions and propose how things can be improved. The CGH Earth replaced plastic straws with bamboo straws following the suggestion of a cell,” he said.


Jose Dominic recalled the setting up of Bangaram Island Resort in Lakshadweep in the 1980s. “We also charged the amount charged by Oberoi Mumbai, which was the highest at that time, $180. Luxury does not just mean facilities, but it’s the experience,” he said. When the group decided to start resort in Kumarakom, the company preferred a place that does not have road connectivity. The visitors are brought to the resort in a boat. The Coconut Lagoon Resort in Kumarakom was built by remantling old houses, which were sold out to build new concrete houses during the Gulf boom.


Jose Dominic said, land, environment and local community assumes priority ahead of customers in the hospitality industry. 50-mile diet was implemented when Spice Village was started in Kumily. The menu comprised of dishes made out of products procured from within an area of 50-miles. It helped in supporting local farmers and reduce transport cost and thereby save environment and petrol cost and serve fresh items to the guests.


When Kollengode Palace was handed over to be converted to a hotel, the main demand put forth by the royal family was that meat, liquor and leather shoes should not be used inside the premises. The group was not ready to back-out after hearing their demands. Kalari Kovilakam Resort was a result of that demand. At present it fetches highest revenue for the group. The guests spend around 5000 Euros (approximately Rs 6 lakh) for two weeks’ stay there.


He also recalled the decision to change name from Casino to CGH Earth after the dawn of the internet era. “Though there was no casino some people came thinking that its casino from the name of the hotel. Those who do not like casinos refused to come. The company then changed name to CGH a short form of Casino Group of Hotels. Now it stands for Clean, Green and Healthy,” Jose Dominic said.  


The lecture was organized as part of the inaugural session of MIMAMSA, the learning initiative of Organic BPS. Dilip Narayanan, CEO, Organic BPS and V. K. Madhav Mohan, Corporate Mentor, Organic BPS, also spoke on the occasion.      

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