Destination Makers of Munnar
Dr. Venu. V IAS, Prinicpal Secretary, Kerala Tourism inaugurating the Munnar Tourism Trade meet at UDS Kovalam. Mr. Vimal Roy, President of Munnar Destination Makers, Mr. Dileep Pottamkulam, President, Munnar Hotels & Resorts Owners Association, Mr. Shailesh Nair, MD of Green Earth Hotels and Mr. Abbas, Secretary of Munnar Destination Makers

This is a brand new organization based in Munnar which came up to address the operational ground issues faced by the resorts. Regular meetings to solve issues like waste management, plastic removal and other common issues made the operational heads sit together and plan for taking forward. It was also a leap from the SwachchBharath initiatives by the Govt of India and the Agenda 9 by the Kerala Travel Mart Society.


Some fantastic team work led to wonderful initiatives like waste segregation and disposal in hotels, discontinuation of use of plastic water bottles and introduction of organic farming among many more initiatives that are to be introduced. As the start was good the young team decided to lay a sound foundation to this good start and make this an association. Idea was mooted, approved by all and it formalized into Munnar Destination Makers. Today MDM consists of only 40 hotels and the number is gradually increasing.


Immediate issue that loomed large was to address the slowdown in business, as Munnar grew in capacity with time but demand did not rise proportionately. The think tank got together and came up with a beauty of an idea and that was to conducting a marketing exercise - a Partnership Meet in Trivandrum and Kochi.


This thought was based on the assessment that 60% of the feeder market for Munnar hotels is based in these two cities among the B2B community and it was essential we reintroduce Munnar to our tour operator associatesin these two cities. Both the events turned out to be very successful events with tour operators supporting in large numbers.


Another strong reason was the fact that over the years like any destination Munnar too has evolved and developed and today stands tall as the No.1 Destination in India in the terms of Google search. Over the period of time Munnar has spread and along with that the sightseeing options but the world is unaware. MDM’s next focus was to enlighten the tourism community that Munnar today has turned into a 5 night destination which gives it a fantastic flexibility to be a part of any itinerary and also stand independently as a single destination dishing out multitude of experiences and sightseeing options.


Over the years Munnar has also evolved as an all-rounder of a destination both for the domestic and inbound market. A nonexistent inbound market is now driving the off season business thanks to the NRI and Arab market. In the season the conventional European and Asian markets have started making Munnar a part of its itinerary. Today Munnar has become as a year round destination and season stands re defined based on the current trends and holidays.


It looks like this now.

High Season \" 1st October to 19th December

Peak Season \" 20th December to 10th January

High Season \" 11th January to 15th March

Low Season \" 15th March to 10th April

High Season \"11th April to 31st May

Low Season \" 1st June to 30th September


Real challenge with MDM lies in making all the hotels imbibe the nature friendly practices besides working towards bringing more tourists to Munnar. This young breed led by President Vimal, Secretary Abbas and Treasurer Jolly, supported by a fantastic young, vibrant and enterprising team of sales and marketing professionals in the forefront and operational heads from all the hotels looking at the ground level, MDM is surly set to make waves in the tourism community.MDM will be sharing regular updates through its website, newsletter and facebook page. For specific information you reach the President at or over the mail at


The journey has just begun!!!!!!!!

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