Rajasekharan Nair : The Triumphant Return
Rajasekharan Nair, CMD of RR Holiday Homes Pvt.Ltd., has avenged the social deficiencies of his childhood days through constructive assets

This is the story of a boy born and brought up in a lower middle class family, in a small village in Kerala, who could not get quality education for want of finance and facilities, coming back to his village after 30 years of exile in a far-away metropolitan city and taking sweet revenge by starting an internationally acclaimed educational facility for thousands of students in his village.  This is also the story of an adolescent who had to leave his place in search of a job to eke out a living, make both ends meet by doing hard work in a far away city and comes back to give decent jobs to hundreds in his native place.  These are the ways in which Sri. Rajasekharan Nair, the Chairman and Managing Director of R R Holiday Homes Pvt. Ltd.,has avenged his childhood of poor education, adolescence of job-seeking sojourn and youth of low-paid hard menial work.  

He was born as the second of 8 children born to Late Sreedharan Nair and Late RugmaniAmma in a lower middle class Nair family in Chenkal village, NeyyattinkaraTaluk, Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala State on 12th November, 1955.  He had to leave home in search of a job as he could not continue his studies after matriculation due to financial difficulties.  After a long and arduous sojourn, he reached Mumbai, at the young age of 17, and did odd jobs in restaurants there. After learning the intricacies of customer satisfaction and profitable business strategies in the hospitality industry he was capable of sailing out on his own and started four restaurants of his own between 1985 and 1990 

During all these years in Mumbai, he had nurtured in his mind his dream and ever-burning desire to do something in his own place and for his own people. Surmounting all difficulties, he purchased a stretch of uneven land near Kovalam and developed it to his satisfaction and started UdaySamudra Leisure Beach Hotel and Spa as a Four Star facility with just 35 rooms. With constant attention to every detail in infrastructure and furnishing, persevering vigilance in the maintenance of quality in service he was able to obtain Five Star status for it in 2014.  It is the biggest beach resort in Kerala with 225 luxury rooms and ISO 9001 - 2000 Certification, apart from great reviews and kudos from travel agencies and international visitors.

His desire to give more employment to his compatriots and his indomitable craving for excellence in every sphere found other outlets in hospitality sector.  In 2009 he started UDS Sky Kitchens for Air India and Air Maldives, catering mouth watering delicacies of Indian and Continental cuisines to the passengers and crew of the 2 airlines.  In 2011 he started a luxury Airport hotel Uday Suites, with 45 premium rooms, close to the Domestic and International terminals of Thiruvananthapuram Airport.  Apart from hospitality industry, he ventured into other fields of industriousness.  In 2001 he had acquired R GAC Electrodes Limited and in 2003 he started KVT Electrodes Pvt. Ltd. Now, it is one of the leading welding electrodes manufacturing company in India.

It was then that his earlier dream of doing something for the young generation in his native place began to crop up again.  He wanted the children of his place should never suffer the limitations that he had suffered in his childhood. With this intention, in the same year in which he started the UDS Sky Kitchens,in 2009,he took over an ailing school with 300 students in his native place Chenkal and established Sai Krishna Public School of International repute and standards, presently accommodating 1400 studentsunder the CBSE syllabus, up to the 12th standard.  The infrastructure has the capacity to accommodate over 3000 students. Sai Krishna Public School at Chenkal is the Regional Winner in the Asia-Pacific Region as judged by the School Entrepreneur Challenge, UK, for exceptional school enterprise and contribution to developing business and practical skills. He has implemented the ‘Go Green’ programme of environment-friendliness in the school. 

Of course, his unconquerable spirit does not stop searching for new grazing grounds in the hospitality sector.  Already there are three projects nearing completion. Expected to be commissioned in end of this year, is an International Convention centre at Kowdiar, Trivandrum with multiple convention facilities.  A five star hotel in Alleppey is to be commissioned in April 2018.  Procuring of land and obtaining formal approval of the plans have been completed in the case of a five star hotel project at Vagamon, in Idukki.  His persevering spirit and drive are ever on the move up against all odds.  

Even his adversaries respect him as a soft-spoken person who will never brag about his own qualities and capabilities.  From his activities, from the open book of his life, we can easily spot the qualities that make him stand out, head and shoulders above the competition in the business field, especially in one of the most difficult and complicated world of hospitality services, where the discerning international clients and exacting travel agencies expect too much from the service providers and the facilities who are always at the receiving end.  

Other notable characteristics are his perseverance and willingness to never shirk his duties, whether working under others or on his own, and his willingness to face each challenge as a stepping stone to  success. He faced a horde of challenges in his fight to establish UdaySamudra Leisure Beach Hotel & Spa, a Five Star Luxury Beach Hotel with 225 rooms and all attached facilities including Ayurveda and Panchakarma Centre, Western Spa, Naturopathy and Yoga Centre,etc.  Founding R.R. Holiday Homes, the umbrella company of the group of establishments he had started in the hospitality segment, was also full of unforeseen challenges. His usual method of taking the bull by its horns always paid rich dividends in the long run.  

His strict adherence to flawless and premium quality in everything his accomplishes is another significant characteristic that gives him a distinguishable edge over his rivals in the field is.  He recognises and rewards every effort of dedication on the part of any one of his employees. He believes that a contented workforce is the guarantee and prerequisite for creating a contented clientele.  Thousands of guests from India and abroad have registered their satisfaction over the quality of service they could enjoy at his facilities.  According to him, this has been the result of making his team satisfied with the remuneration and treatment that they are getting.  

He has been engaged in nature conservation and environmental protection throughout his life.  For the last seventeen years, he has been a part of the campaign to green Thiruvananthapuram city and to keep it clean.  He maintains several parks and other areas as part of this campaign, including the premises of the International Airport for the last six years, Kallumoode Circle and Chaka Circle in the National Highway for the last 12 years, Sree Ayyankali Park at Vellayambalam for the last 17 years and Ponnara Sreedhar Park in front of Railway Station and Central Bus Stand, including illumination, security and maintenance of facilities, for the last 11 years.  He gives a lot of financial assistance to activities for protecting nature and conserving natural resources and takes personal interest in the progress of these activities. 

Government and hospitality organisations have showered on him several awards and recognitions. From 2008 to 2015 he has received the Best Four Star award for his Uday Samudra Beach Resort from the Department of Tourism, Government of Kerala.  He has also received the Best Coastal Hotel Award from World Luxury Hotel Award Organisation continuously from 2010 to 2017.  All India Achievers’ Foundation has honoured him with Indian Leadership Award for Hospitality and Tourism in 2011 and Kerala SahridayaVedi gave him Tourism Entrepreneur Award in 2009.  He got the Business Excellence Award in 2013 from the Union of German Malayalee Association (UGMA) and Inspire Achievement Award Organisation.  He served as a Management Committee Member of Kerala Travel Mart Society 2015-17 that brings those in hospitality sector under an umbrella and works for the progress of the whole industry.  

Shri. Rajasekharan Nair is blessed with a family that supports all his endeavours in every way.  He is married to Smt. UdayaChandrika Nair, alias Radha, as she is known in South Indian film industry as a noted character artiste and Kalaimamani Award winner. They have three children. The eldest, Ms. Karthika Nair, is a film actress and completed her Post Graduation from London University; the second, Mr. Vignesh Nair, is a hospitality graduate from London and currently working with ITC Hotels and the youngest, Ms. Thulasi Nair, is also a film actress of note and a BBA student in Cambridge University.

If condensed in a nut shell, the story of Shri. Rajasekharan Nair, is the story of perseverance that pays, hard work that sustains, care for fellow human beings that gives him contentment and care for nature and environment that gives him joy.  He can contribute a lot more, in the coming years, to India’s hospitality industry.    
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